Sany H9 – The most exciting development in reach stacker technology in 20 years

Cooper Specialised Handling, in conjunction with Sany Europe, has announced the launch of the new H9 Sany Reachstacker.


H9 is the product name that identifies the new range of Sany reachstackers that is believed to be the first time an energy recovery system has been installed on this type of equipment. Two rear mounted cylinders use the downward gravitational forces to charge nitrogen-accumulators which, in turn, provide extra power over and above the available engine power for the next lift. Following arduous field trials over an exhaustive period, it is found the H9 delivers a 20% fuel saving over an identical machine without the ERS.

However, whilst fuel saving is important, the extra available power means that the main lift cylinder diameters can be reduced resulting in greater visibility and faster lift speeds. H9 therefore is less expensive to run and is 15% more productive than machines without an energy recovery system.

David Cooper, Executive Director of Coopers, who was first introduced to the industry before the reach stacker concept was first developed in the early 1980’s commented “Reach stacker development has really slowed in the last 20 years as the product’s maturity has topped-out. This is, in my opinion unquestionably, the most radical change in these last 20 years.” Cooper continued “Further, whilst there is a modest price increase for this technology, its payback can be delivered in the in as little as 18 months of its life which is far earlier than other fuel saving technology that has been introduced within the industry.”

H9 is initially available on the SRSC 4531 model with deliveries commencing in 3rd quarter 2018 and the development following onto the full range thereafter.

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