True Swedish Leader

Since 1977, Svetruck has delivered forklifts and log stackers all over the world within the concept of genuine quality machines combined with cutting edge of modern technology. Today we are one of the leading forklift manufacturers.

Our passion for making genuine quality machines started when the founders of Svetruck developed their first forklifts in the sixties. This passion is still very much alive. We build our machines to the highest standards, not to the lowest price – we are always focused on quality.

Svetruck manufactures and markets:

  • Forklifts 10-52 tons
  • Container handlers 25-55 tons
  • Log stackers 12-32 tons – World market leader

Customized for your needs

Each Svetruck is built to suit the conditions under which it will operate. With smooth control of all functions, optimal visibility of the working area. A forklift that can perform demanding tasks and makes a safe workplace that guarantees your forklift operator a good day at work.

Our fundamental approach to quality and over 40 years’ solid experience means that we can offer the market strong, reliable and durable solutions for efficient material handling.

A machine made of high quality components, genuine design and customized for your needs. This creates a unique high-quality machine.

It’s a Svetruck.


You can always trust a Svetruck. Our commitment and support goes further


We control the strength of a Svetruck, customized for your needs with our expertise


Svetruck plays an important role in your material handling operations

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