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The new range of Sany Empty Container Handlers is fast, safe, comfortable but importantly represents ultimate value-for-money. Importantly in the ECH market, where so much emphasis is placed upon chassis and welded components, these areas are under Sany’s direct control in that they are fabricated by Sany directly.

SANY container handlers feature a full-electric control diesel engine that truly optimises performance and economy. The high-torque Volvo diesel engine provides quick, smooth operation. Bus throttle control technology provides efficient and responsive acceleration and avoids unnecessary loading in low speeds, so engine wear and stresses are minimized.

Advanced Hydraulic Load-sensing Technology automatically detects load weight and delivers the exact power needed.

SANY empty-container handlers are made with the operator in mind with comfort, easy operation and machine durability mean maximum productivity. Creative cab design puts the operator at its heart, with streamline shape and open view. An advanced control system, sound and light alarm device for malfunction, GPS remote monitoring system, real-time monitoring with an intuitive, ergonomic layout provide excellent operator comfort and control.

Machines are available from 5 to 8 high in single or twin handling modes. Double handling can be achieved with either twin horizontal twistlocks or with the more common ‘hooks and flippers’.

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SDCY80 Product Specification Download BrochureSDCY100 Product SpecificationDownload Brochure

SDCY80 Product Specification

Capacity 8.000 kg
Stacking Height 6 or 7 containers
Spreader Single box
Wheelbase 4550 cm


SDCY100 Product Specification

Capacity 10.000 kg
Stacking Height 6 to 9 containers
Spreader Single box or double box
Wheelbase 4550 cm


SANY Reachstackers

Sany Reachstacker

German designed and German originated reach stackers represent the highest build-quality and highest specification machines however which also represent a commercial package to suit everyone.

Building on many years of experience and then adding German engineering has resulted in a high-performing and reliable machine that encompasses both proven technology and the very latest safety features.

The operator is well catered for in a quiet and comfortable environment which can be enhanced with a variety of differing options.

Paint finish is the highest quality in the industry with a 200 micron finish as standard which is probably 3 times the thickness of industry standard ensuring the machine will retain its new look for longer.

Key Safety FeaturesOperator ComfortImagesPDF Brochure
In complex heavy lifting environments organisations adhere to best practice by insisting on their operations being safe as well as efficient. SANY makes no compromises, which is why the specification of its Reachstackers includes a host of top-line safety features as standard.

For maximum visibility at all times, here are some of the key safety features on SANY Reachstackers:

  • A rear-view camera, which is automatically activated when the operator engages reverse gear. The display in the control panel provides an unrestricted view ensuring safe driving in all directions – a top priority in busy environments and especially for applications where space is at a premium. Rear parking sensors can also be specified.
  • A lighting system that promotes visibility. As well as brake/indicators and reversing lights plus a rotating amber beacon, SANY Reachstackers feature 18 LED lights designed to ensure clear visibility whatever the environment, both day and night.
  • A camera system installed around the perimeter of the reachstacker360 to further enhance precision and safety. From an additional control panel display, the operator has a clear, 360-degree view of the surrounding environment.
  • Optional piggyback cameras. Located on each side of the piggyback, these extra cameras provide an unparalleled view of this most important function supporting both equipment productivity and safety.

Redundant anti-tipping facility

When the operating load moment of weight and distance reaches 100%, the electrical system on SANY Reachstackers will lock the boom and spreader and trigger audible and visual alarms. Meanwhile, a hook located below the counterweight will lock the axle adding extra weight to stabilise the machine. Travel speed is also restricted, helping to minimise the risk of tipping due to excessive speed.

Automatic parking brake

SANY has developed a parking brake system that is automatically activated if the operator stands up while the Reachstacker is in motion. An auxiliary manual pump releases the brake for maintenance purposes.

Failsafe control

SANY Reachstackers are equipped with a fully control redundant CAN BUS system for failsafe control. The joystick is incorporated within the system, which is supplied with two control units to ensure the equipment can be operated in the event of a system failure.

Fire prevention

A 2-litre fire extinguisher is supplied as standard with all SANY Reachstackers. An automatic fire suppression system for the engine compartment is also available.


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