Meclift Attachments

To expand versatility further, Meclift™ has developed a series of lifting attachments, including a double fork system, loading box, coil ram and paper clamp. Since all attachments are interchangeable throughout the range, customers can use machines for multiple purposes. This customer-centric approach to problem solving reflects the consultative-led approach taken by Cooper to meet specific materials handling requirements.


Normal Forks

All Meclift Variable Reach Truck models include one pair of high quality standard forks.

Model                        Fork dimensions (W x H x L)

Meclift ML1612R      200 x 100 1800 mm or 200 x 100 x 2400 mm

Meclift ML3012RC   300 x 110 x 2400 mm

Meclift ML5012R     300 x 135 x 2400 mm

Other dimensions are available upon a request.

Forks as well as all other tools for Meclift share the same easy attachment method to the lifting frame. Changing between different lifting tools is quick, easy and safe.


Double Forks

The Double Forks System boosts the efficiency in cargo handling. It is an easy-to-mount special attachment designed to facilitate and speed up loading and unloading of containers and trailers with Meclift Variable Reach Trucks. It handles four euro pallets or a corresponding load on a single lift, and loads a 20 feet container with only two lifts.

The weight of the load is not an issue, as the double forks handle the same maximum load as all our variable reach trucks. The basic side shift features can be fully utilized with double forks, too, so positioning cargo inside a container is safe and easy. Switch between standard and double forks is quick, because the same fixing points apply to both forks.

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Air Cargo Pallet Forks

The Meclift™ Air Cargo Pallet Forks (ACPF) is designed for cargo handling at airports, where tight timetables apply to all operations. It enables to load and unload air cargo efficiently and smoothly without hassle and unnecessary, time-consuming work phases.

The patented Meclift™ ACPF acts as a seamless extension to a roll conveyor in loading and unloading of cargo. Its agility and speed is based on the ability to lift pallets off the ground and to lay them directly on the roll conveyor by rolling. Receiving pallets from the conveyor is just as swift and effortless. In addition to increased savings in time, elimination of unnecessary work phases improves safety at work.

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Coil Ram

When steel coils need to be handled, the Coil Ram attached to a Meclift™ Variable Reach Truck forms a superior solution. By means of a Coil Ram any Meclift Variable Reach Truck can handle coils within its lifting capacity. Meclift™ ML1612R, for example, handles coils up to 16,000 kg, and easily drives the load inside the container. By exploitation of the 2,500 mm reach, loading of a container can also be done from the outside.

For handling heavier loads, the coil ram attachment can be used with a Meclift™ ML3012RC variable reach truck. In order to supply a solution that best meets each customer’s work environment, the Coil Ram dimensions can be customized according to request.

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Coil Clamps

The strength of a Coil Clamps attachment and the excellent reaching ability of Meclift™ Variable Reach Trucks provide an efficient and safe solution for diverse cargo and goods handling tasks. By means of the coil clamps any Meclift™ Variable Reach Truck can handle coils within its lifting capacity. Meclift™ ML1612R, for example, can handle coils up to 16,000 kg.

Equipped with Coil Clamps, the Meclift™ Variable Reach Trucks can also be used to load and unload containers or trailers. Due to easy change of tools, switching from one work phase to another is effortless and quick.

The Coil Clamps can be tailored and adjusted according to each customer’s specific needs and working conditions. A coil clamps delivery always includes a special stand for storing purposes.


Loading Box

Meclift™ Loading Box helps to handle aluminium bundles effortlessly and safely, without scratching or bending the goods. A wide range of dimensions ensure availability of a solution that best fits each customer’s work environment.

The Meclift™ ML3012RC Variable Reach Truck equipped with the Meclift™ loading box is the only solution in the world that can load 7,000 millimetre aluminium bundles 11,300 kg of weight in the middle of a 40 feet container. This smart innovation has several worldwide patents.

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Lifting Beams

Meclift™ Lifting Beams attached to a Meclift™ Variable Reach Truck enables effective material handling. The beams are especially designed for handling extra-long objects, such as steel tubes or steel beams. It also handles diverse sacks effortlessly.

Together with the reaching ability of the Meclift™ Variable Reach Trucks the 7.5 meter beams considerably facilitate container loading. The number of trolleys can be chosen by the customer. The Meclift™ Lifting Beams can be attached to any Meclift™ variable reach truck. The lifting capacity varies in line with the truck model.

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Paper Clamp

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