Maximal Heavy Capacity Forklifts

MB140D - MB320D

Established in 2006, Maximal’s ethos is “technology innovation, promoting products structure, improving product quality and service” for the purpose, take internationalization, professionalization and green environmental protection as standards, to build Maximal into the most respectable forklift brand. Maximal specializes in material handling equipment design and manufacture.

Maximal’s current product range covers 4 series, include 1.0 mini-12T common forklift, 2.5T-5.0T rough terrain forklift, 12.0T-32.0T heavy duty truck and warehouse equipment.

Maximal’s forklifts have receive strong public recognition for their modern and striking appearance, high production quality, safety standard and low cost of operation.

The “Maximal” brand of forklifts has been exported to over 100 countries, and there are more than 150 Sales and service outlets worldwide

Maximal Family

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