Ports, Terminals & Heavy Lifting

Creativity built from Experience

For ports, for terminals for container handling or for heavy loads in logistics, industry or nuclear sectors, Cooper has an impressive line-up of equipment from some of the biggest manufacturers in the world. However, whilst these supply relationships are important, we are not governed by them.

Ultimately we aim to serve our customers first – we are not targeted or obliged to fill the factories with orders and this is important. On the contrary, serving our customer’s needs comes first hence you can always be assured of a refreshing consultative approach from Cooper Handling.

Our range of port, terminal and heavy handling equipment provides a variety of equipment which, in its standard form can provide all manner of applications.

However, given the depth of experience in port and heavy handling, it is creative thinking that has solved many handling problems from this standard range.

From specifying the largest forklift ever supplied in the UK, to handling nuclear-waste laden flasks or converting reach stackers into slab handling attachments, it is the knowledge and experience that is as important is the access to any range.

Regardless of Product – We can handle it

The Cooper Handling range of equipment can handle containers, solids and bulk – offering the most comprehensive scope for port and terminal handling requirements.

Containers, laden or empty, can be handled in a yard environment or in and out of vessels.  Likewise, steel or other commodity can be discharged, loaded or simply transported and stored with the most complete range of handling equipment.

Bulks too can be handled with clamshell buckets or grabs up to 16 cubic metres, quickly and without compromising safety.

If you have a handling requirement, challenge Cooper Handling to find you an handling solution that is right for your business.  If we feel we are unable to assist, we will be honest and suggest a probable solution rather than trying to sell something you don’t need.

Cooper Handling – Serving the needs of our customers first, not of suppliers.

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