Movella design effective, safe and reliable solutions for moving heavy cargo and goods.  The current range consists of forklift-attached translifters on single bogie for weights up to 50 tonnes and well as regular terminal tractor-supported translifters that can carry up to 130 tonnes.  The range tops-out with I-series translifter capable of handling 220 tonnes which is ideally aimed at the extreme robust and heavy-duty steel industry.


NT series Translifters

Robust and simple one-bogie translifters for capacities from 6 – 50 tons.  Operated by a forklift, terminal tractor or a wheel loader.


R series Translifters

The strongest RoRo-translifter in the market with multiple features to increase reliability and minimize downtime.  1-, 2-, 3-bogie versions with payloads from 50 to 130 tons.


I series Translifters

Extremely strong and heavy duty translifter for 24/7 operation in steel industry.  Capacities up to 240 tons and transport efficiency over 1000 tons/hour in one kilometer driving distance.



Cassette is an important part of the translifter and cassette system.  It adapts the translifter to the transported cargo, works as a butter storage, waits under the cranes and supports and protects the cargo.  Cassette lasts for 20-30 years without any maintenance.  Movella cassettes are available for all different applications.



SwapMover is a new innovative way of handling swap bodies in logistic terminals.  It’s extremely safe and easy to use whilst reducing any damage to the legs of the swapbodies.  It can be connected to any standard terminal tractor or a bid forklift truck.


U loader

Safe, simple and easy handling of inloader flats in concrete element factories.  Eliminates cranes in the warehousing area and reduces handling of wall elements even by 70%.  It is compatible to standard inloader flats and can be operated by a terminal tractor or big forklift truck.

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