Meclift coil ram

Meclift adds adjustable coil ram to suite of attachments

A new adjustable coil ram is the latest addition to Meclift’s range of variable reach truck attachments.

Complementing the existing coil ram, coil clamps and C-hook, the adjustable coil ram is particularly useful in applications suited to Meclift’s bigger variable reach trucks – the ML3012RC and ML4212RC models – which are capable of positioning heavy cargo inside containers.

Instead of using a number of coil rams to load different sizes of steel coil into containers, the adjustable coil ram can be deployed to handle small and large coils by lowering and raising the ram respectively, and using a stand.

All of Meclift’s attachments are capable of being changed quickly and safely using a purpose-designed attachment system fitted to the reach truck’s lifting frame.Meclift coil ram

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