Why market leaders trust Mantsinen

Award-winning crane manufacturer Mantsinen has produced a new corporate video that highlights just why market-leading businesses around the world rely on its products for a wide range of cargo handling applications.

Mantsinen’s roots are in logistics. With the benefit of more than 50 years’ experience, the company focuses on delivering optimal efficiency and productivity through tailored solutions that satisfy individual customer requirements.

Using its cranes in its own logistics business allows Mantsinen to appreciate the demands of a variety of environments. The ability to draw on practical experience is key to fulfilling customers’ current and future requirements.

As well as showcasing Mantsinen’s range of customised machines incorporating the energy-saving HybriLift technology, the new video shows how the manufacturer:

  • achieves quality assurance through an ongoing R&D programme and field testing
  • puts all machines through rigorous testing prior to dispatch to the customer
  • has attained all the major technical quality standards
  • delivers optimum solutions for specific customer requirement

Customers value the fact that Mantsinen listens and delivers on its promises. That’s why market-leaders trust Mantsinen.


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