JMG Cranes the Electric pick and carry crane

JMG Cranes

JMG Cranes manufacture high quality and reliable compact pick and carry cranes. With a diverse range of cranes available to buy, lift capacities start from 0.9t and go to 58t and cover a huge variety of applications and industries due to their versatility. JMG has been chosen by companies who specialise in the machine moving and crane hire sectors.

The product range consists of both walk-behind controlled compact cranes, to fully remote control and cab-based versions.

Superb Crane Features

  • Can be utilised as a crane with winch, forklift and man-basket operations.
  • Zero pollution from battery power so no hazardous particles for diesel exhaust gases especially when operated inside enclosed surroundings.
  • Strong proportional hydraulic telescopic boom for faster movements and better load sharing on boom sections.
  • Excellent 180 degree steering with non-marking tyres.
  • Removable counterweights to reduce ground bearing pressure and to facilitate less transportation weight.
  • Utilises two front separate drive motors for precise and smooth movements and maximum steering in narrow spaces. This also provides the drive system with better grip to ground through front wheels.
  • JMG cranes are equipped with hydraulic electronic controls for safe and precise movements also with simultaneous movement of crane functions.
  • All JMG cranes are designed and produced to be compact and easy to maintain.

Fantastic Range of Options

  • To have that extra reach, jib extensions can be connected to the main boom head. These range from mechanically fixed at varying degrees, or hydraulically controlled from either the cabin or remote control.
  • Depending on the lifting operations fixed or searcher hooks can be utilised on the jibs provided or the option of a hydraulic winch to accommodate for example below ground lifting and lowering.
  • Utilise extra handling functions on plane surfaces such as glass, marble or plasticl with vacuum handling attachments.
  • As the JMG cranes have a strong boom section the crane can be quickly converted to a telehandler with fork capabilities. Depending on your exact needs the load capacity and fork length can be tailored to your needs.
  • With electro-hydraulic compensation the forks can maintain horizontal position at all times.
  • Front outriggers can provide extra stability from all-wheel duties of up to 40%.
  • GPRS telemetry, on-board battery charger, customised painting, safety cameras and flameproof options are all available from JMG and more.

Tailored Solutions

If you require a specific design of e.g. jib, or forks JMG will design and build tailor made solutions at your request. These modifications will be coordinated by our technical staff and tested within JMG production facilities maintaining its reputation as a quality manufacturer of modern electric cranes.

Click on the image  to view a video about JMG cranes.

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