Electric Forklifts

MG1.0-3.5 (4wheel)

Electric 3 & 4 wheel Counterbalance & Reach Truck

Full range of 3 & 4 wheel Counterbalance 1.3 – 5.0 tonne @ 500mm Load Centres

Full range Reach Truck 1.0 – 2.0 tonne @ 500mm Load Centres

Panoramic wide view mast – Superior quality I beam and C channel construction creates a robust and rigid mast with a wider view

Electrical Systems – The truck is equipped with AC type drive, pump and steering motors providing high torque performance and reduced maintenance. The proven ZAPI AC controller provide infinitely variable drive and lift control and features regenerative braking to capture and reserve energy.

Operator – Large grab handles and a low step height makes access to the semi-suspension seat easy and safe.

Convenient and Easy Maintenance – The hinged battery compartment cover is lightweight and easy to operate. The electrical control panel and related equipment is located inside the counterweight providing easy access and is protected from floor debris, contaminants and moisture.

Clean Power – Low noise, less pollution, high efficiency and safe operation are all part of the design

MR1.3-20 (reach truck)
M Series 1.3 – 2.0t Reach Truck
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MJ1.3-2.0 (3 wheel)
M Series 1.3 – 2.0t 3-wheel Electric Forklift
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MG1.0-3.5 (4wheel)
M Series 2.0 – 3.5t 4-wheel Electric Forklift
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MG4.0-5.0 (4 wheel)
M Series 4.0 – 5.0t 4-wheel Electric Forklift
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