SANY Paint Facility

Customise your lifting equipment with Sany

SANY Paint FacilityAn investment of €16million euros in a dedicated paint facility at its purpose-built plant in Bedburg, Germany, gives Sany direct control over this essential aspect of machine quality.

Paint is applied in four layers to achieve a finish of 300 microns. This not only delivers a level of corrosion resistance that meets exacting ISO standards, but it also represents a quality that is arguably three times thicker than the standard finish produced by Sany’s competitors.

Operating its own facility enables Sany to bring complete flexibility to the painting process, since individual requirements for a customised finish can be satisfied at short notice. The manufacturer prides itself on being able to accommodate any customer colour or corporate design and to offer a paint thickness of 300 microns.

Importantly, Sany is able to deliver all this while employing environmentally friendly processes and materials.

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