Cooper Re-certifies, Conforms and Complies

Following an extensive re-appraisal of processes, Cooper Handling Solutions Ltd and Cooper Specialised Handling Ltd have been re-accredited to ISO 9001 – 2015, ISO 14001 – 2015 and ISO 18001 – 2007; all to the very latest standards.


The Companies have held the three standards since 2015 and undertake annual audits to ensure disciplines do not slip. The very latest standards incorporate much of the same content however an additional layer is added that makes full assessment of risk throughout the business. The new accreditation lasts until 2021 but will, once again, be subject to annual audit.


Executive Director of both Cooper Companies, David Cooper commented ”These standards remain as important today as they did when we were first awarded. Container terminals, nuclear installations and steel production are three areas where we work and, by their very nature, can be hazardous locations to operate. It is imperative we have systems and controls in place and I find it incredulous how businesses can operate on such sites without such accreditation”


Cooper also commented that “The scope of the accreditations aren’t generic simply around handling but are totally specific to the idiosyncrasies and nuances of port-handling equipment – the area in which the Company specialise.”


As an example, for the controls involved, tools on engineer vans must be calibrated and checked. All lifting equipment is proof-tested, and all measuring equipment is calibrated. As David Cooper comments “This ensures safety of our staff and quality in that when we are torqueing bolts, we know they are the correct torque as the wrench has been tested. This is a matter that is so easy to overlook”


The Company has embarked on a new mission of skills and compliance training to enhance an already impressive and comprehensive level of commercial and transport insurance that delivers a true differentiator. Each Cooper engineer has a personal training plan to involve skills, compliance and product training with annual appraisals. Cooper Handling are also undertaking instructor training to offer internal and external operator training – something that is widely available but not so common on large port-handling type machinery.

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